About Us

At Fournier, we embrace a signature approach to delivering customized risk management programs that protect what matters most to you. A signature is personal—it is one-of-a-kind. Our signature is to be responsive and responsible, ethical and thoughtful.

The Fournier Signature Commitment

Since 1977, Fournier has made a mark in the insurance industry by focusing on ethics, values, knowledge and connecting our clients with the insurance products they require to live full, enriching lives and run thriving businesses.

Our father, Dick Fournier, launched the firm more than 45 years ago and his fingerprint as a coach, teacher, community leader and trusted advisor carry on in how our attentive team cares for clients. In fact, this level of signature commitment and service is our legacy and why clients trust our firm with their most precious assets, whether safeguarding the homes where they raise families or the businesses that provide for hardworking employees.

Our Bespoke Approach

Some call it customization or personalization. But the level of specialty risk management and insurance advising the Fournier team delivers to clients is a bespoke experience. Our approach is intentional and our relationships run deep. We understand what our clients value so we can protect what matters most to them.

A Signature Promise

We live our values. Our mission-driven approach to business is evident in a culture where associates are empowered to make strategic, forward-thinking decisions with clients, who trust that we always have their best interests in mind. When you partner with Fournier, we make a promise to you that we will be:

  • GROUNDED: real people, authentic, and accessible
  • CONNECTED: family-owned, a family within the company, true care for the well-being of clients, and connected with the communities that you individually and collectively call home
  • ETHICAL: client-centric, a company of integrity, accountable to one another, and responsible partner with carriers
  • SPECIALISTS: insurance experts, knowledgeable, a custom fit for every client, and emerging specialty areas
  • MODERN LEGACY: second generation, stable, healthy growth, aspiring, anticipating, and forward-looking

Start a Conversation

We would love an opportunity to get to know you better. Simply fill out this form or contact us at 800.860.3010, and ask us anything. We pride ourselves on education and knowledge, and we want what is best for you, your family and your business.