Business Insurance

Your business deserves a dedicated risk management advisor, advocate and market-savvy partner who does more than develop an insurance program. At Fournier, our consultative approach and commitment to supporting the success of your business includes anticipating liabilities and controlling the overall cost of risk. Above all, we connect as business leaders, problem-solve challenges with you and together, discover opportunities.

Forwarding Your Success

Our focus is to assist in the identification of potential vulnerabilities and prevent risks that can result in costly business interruptions. From property and casualty coverage to workers’ compensation and cyber protection, we design highly customized insurance programs that address unique industry exposures. We protect your property, people and potential.

Beyond Insurance

We’re a family-owned legacy business that truly understands the operational, personnel, cyber and safety concerns associated with managing and growing a company. Because of this, we focus on delivering more than a policy. For example, we proactively identify strategies for improving Experience Modification Factor to reduce workers’ compensation premiums.  When compliance feels costly and daunting, we partner with a Human Resources platform that provides HR tools, resources, and training. From market insight to human resources, we consider the whole business—and person.

Business Insurance Solutions

  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Lessor’s risk
  • Professional liability
  • Surety
  • Commercial risk management
  • Business Auto
  • Logging
  • Fire districts
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Real estate E&O
  • Law office E&O

Let’s connect. A Fournier business specialist who understands the issues keeping you up at night, can tailor a custom, comprehensive risk management program.