Our Team


Ryan Fournier


“I grew up as the coach’s kid—and you can look at that two ways. Either ‘You have it easy,’ or ‘You have to prove yourself.’ I had that mindset, and I’ve always been a grinder.” Ryan was three years old when his father, Dick Fournier, started the business. “I learned how to answer the phone professionally.”

Growing up in a logging town, Ryan has deep respect for the risk and rigor of hard workers. He also relates to the fast-paced metropolitan lifestyle, bringing a balanced perspective to Fournier as its President.

Ryan attended Central Washington University, majoring in Sociology. After, he served as a commercial insurance underwriter at Safeco in Seattle, then joined the family firm.

“I’m a business owner, first and foremost. I want to support people in their growth, whether it’s an employee who comes to work for us or a client that partners with us,” he says.

Being responsive and accessible is incredibly important to Ryan and the firm. “When I look clients in the eye, they know we are making a commitment,” he says.

It’s not unusual to see Ryan walk around the office wearing ski gear. There’s a good chance he will cut out to hit the slopes during prime powder time. Ryan helps set the tone and guides the culture; its all about the team. “I don’t like the word, ‘boss,’” he says. “Here, we are comfortable with laughing at ourselves, and I don’t ever pretend to have all the right answers. I’m open to being challenged and we all learn together.”

Kendra Fournier, CIC, CRM

Chief Operating Officer

“Strong work ethic is a major family value.” This ideology was instilled in Kendra her entire life as she watched both her mother and father work to establish the Fournier name within the community. Her father worked long hours building the business, while her mother was the backbone of Fournier running the household as well as her own career. Kendra’s own path was strongly influenced by her mother’s tenacity and father’s diligence.

At the age of 18, Kendra earned her insurance license and while attaining her degree in business from the University of Washington; she spent summers mastering various roles in and outside of the industry. Kendra’s vision for the agency and its abundant potential is part of her DNA. Her Foster admissions essay was centered on the steps she’d take to run the agency.

Following graduation, Kendra stepped out on her own with early aspirations to work in the fashion industry. After this endeavor and becoming a mother, she returned to her roots with a fresh perspective on business, a client-forward customer service mentality and the determination to put her plans for the agency into place.

Kendra found her passion was ultimately for the clients. “I love to take care of clients—it’s about people, getting to know them and approaching every conversation with a fresh perspective,” she says. “Our job is to listen.”

To position Fournier for growth, Kendra manages day-to-day operations of the agency creating an atmosphere of integrity, professionalism, and exceptional client service.

Following her mother’s lead, Kendra understands the importance for work/life balance. During off hours, Kendra’s wanderlust leads her to travel and experience new places. She loves being a mother and spending time with her family and is more than happy to be the “cab driver”. “We meet staff where they are with work/life balance,” she says. “We understand that they are juggling, too, and we really try to take care of them while fostering a supportive, forward-thinking culture.”

Gary E. Michael, Jr., PhD

Vice President, Employee Benefits

Gary brings a unique lens to his work in Group Benefits at Fournier Insurance.  He started his career working in R&D developing and vetting products in the healthcare service pipeline.  He worked as a consultant where he was responsible for understanding what the uptake was for health plans and employee benefits.  During the course of his career he has served in business, operations, and marketing roles.  One thing that was missing.

“I had had quite a bit of success throughout my career, but I was always kind of told the same thing, Gary, you’ve got a good skill set. You’ve built some good groups, but what you’re really missing is that sales experience.”

Gary joined the Smith Agency where he honed his sales skills at retirement income planning and eventually opened his own agency.

He has known Ryan for over thirty years.  They attended Central Washington University, played football together, and stayed in touch over the years. In Spring of 2022, Ryan asked Gary to join the leadership team to run the newly formed Employee Benefits department.

“I am honored and privileged because I know that Kendra and Ryan take their family name and the legacy of the business very seriously.  It’s a great opportunity and I’m really excited to be here.”

Gary was born and raised in the Northwest, pursued his doctorate at University of Connecticut, followed by a successful career on the East Coast. He landed back in Washington with his family, which he’s  willing to tell you, is the most important thing to him.  He loves to fly fish and anything outdoors. He lives in Gig Harbor with his wife, three sons and two cats.

Evan Schatz

Chief Financial Officer

Evan Schatz is the newest addition to the Fournier family, joining our Accounting Department as the Chief Financial Officer. He currently serves as Head of Finance at Driven Insights, offering his expertise and support to small business owners engaging in strategic finance tasks. Fournier has partnered with Driven Insights for just that reason. That partnership has brought Evan to our team.

Starting his career as an Investment Banking Analyst at KeyBanc Capital Markets, Evan focused on accounts involving the seafood industry, but maintained exposure to Pacific Northwest businesses in several other industries. Evan parlayed his experience at KeyBanc Capital into a pivotal role on the Strategic Finance Team at a high-growth technology startup. Later, he transitioned over to AGI, where he enjoyed creating budgets and investment analyses while overseeing 15 operational departments before finally joining Driven Insights.

Outside of work, Evan enjoys exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest via bicycle. He frequently attends charity events in his Ballard neighborhood, especially those supporting his favorite charity, Ballard Food Bank.

Ann Heitkemper, ARM

Commercial Operations Manager

As the Commercial Operations Manager, Ann Heitkemper leads the commercial service team.  Ann is a seasoned professional with a career that includes diverse experience including MGAs, wholesalers, carriers, and brokers. Her extensive industry knowledge, coupled with her commitment to growth is a tremendous asset to Fournier.

Ann is a self-proclaimed nerd; an insurance nerd who relishes the technicalities and unique challenges of our industry; a book nerd with a deep appreciation for literature, and a sci-fi enthusiast, intrigued by the imaginative possibilities of the future.  Had she not pursued insurance, she probably would have been a teacher.  Ann enjoys sharing knowledge and igniting a spark of interest in others.

Beyond her professional pursuits, she considers herself a “crazy cat lady”, sharing her life with two feline companions named Leo Tolstoy and Charlotte Bronte. Don’t be surprised if these furry family members make guest appearances during video calls! Travel plays a significant role in Ann’s life. She and her husband are avid explorers, seizing every opportunity to experience different parts of the world.

Julie Campbell

Julie Campbell

Director, Personal Insurance

Employee development is one of Julie’s favorite aspects of her role. “I love working with people one-on-one and in small groups to meet them where they are and create individualized roadmaps to push and empower them to reach their full potential. It’s incredibly rewarding to see people grow into bigger roles and leadership positions over the years who didn’t necessarily recognize their own abilities.”

Two guiding principles resonate deeply with Julie when it comes to working with teams: “Stay curious” and “If you’re not making mistakes, I assume you’re not learning”. Although accuracy and quality control are important, building a work environment that encourages employees to share ideas, learn from one another, try innovative approaches, and ultimately feel safe to admit when things don’t go as planned is crucial to the growth and success of a company.

In addition to collaborating with employees, Julie has dedicated a significant portion of her career to procedural improvement. She enjoys the satisfaction of getting in the thick of things to create efficiencies and deliver an amazing client experience that is both attainable and consistent. To her, this work is never done, since the industry, technology, and company are always evolving.

Beyond her professional life, Julie loves traveling, visiting local breweries, and spending time with her husband and twins. Julie is an avid reader and podcast enthusiast. She is particularly drawn to the works of Bréne Brown, Glennon Doyle, and Nedra Glover Tawwab, as she enjoys observing and learning about the ever-evolving human condition. Julie is a dedicated advocate for women’s empowerment, supporting Together Rising, a women-led nonprofit organization that has raised over $45 million dollars to assist women and families all over the world by providing refugee aid, healthcare access and disaster response to name a few.





Loyal.  Honest.  Driven.

Evan’s journey began working for his dad, hauling hay for farmers on Lopez Island. A tradition he upheld every summer until his junior year of college. Evan’s favorite vacation spot is the breathtaking landscape of Cairns, Australia. Beyond work, he finds joy in watching his two boys compete in sports. Supporting veterans and troops is a cause of great importance to him.



Commercial Account Manager

Supportive.  Dependable.  Caring.

Danielle’s first job was working as a server at a retirement home which she considered as having many bonus grandparents. When it comes to vacations, Danielle’s favorite destinations include Puerto Vallarta and Honolulu, where she can soak up the sun and relax on beautiful beaches. Outside of work, Danielle consistently strives to make a positive impact and actively supports the Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation, a cause very close to her heart.



Personal Account Manager

Sensitive.  Loyal.  Friendly.  

If her friends gave her a title, it would be BOSS.  Pam enjoys camping, fishing, spending quality time with family and has a boxer that is a big baby.  When she was in the fifth grade, she took a family vacation to Ketchikan, Alaska and stayed on a remote island for 5 days.  Her favorite part was being flown in by a floatplane.



Executive Administrator

Personable.  Smart.  Kind.

Jenny went to Disneyland for her 30th birthday and had a ball.  Her first job was as a sandwich Maestro at Quiznos.  She LOVES hockey-Toronto Maple Leafs, (Spirit is everything), exploring new food, and antiquing/thrifting.  She has two rescue cats named Jude and Silvia.



Personal Account Associate

Fun.  Friendly.  Caring.

Joan has two border collies named Scarlet and Deacon and a cat named Butternuts.  One of her hobbies includes Dog Agility and Sheep Herding which may explain why people call her a crazy dog lady.  She brings over 30 years of insurance expertise to her position.



Marketing/Agency Administrator and Billing Specialist

Direct.  Comical.  Extrovert.

If Jackie’s friends gave her a title, it would be ‘crazy fly angler’.  She is an avid fly fisherman, climber and baker.  Her first job was as a copy editor for a public relations firm.  In addition to two grown children, she is mom to a Malamute named Arya.



Marine Account Manager

Affable. Caring. Dedicated.

Kelby’s first job was as a dockhand at Elliott Bay Marina. While working there, he met Larry Silverstein, owner of the World Trade Center & Sears Tower, when his boat “The Silver Salish” was being commissioned.
He loves a weekend getaway to LA to see shows at the Comedy Store and taking his grandma to bingo. He supports Kids Co., which is a nonprofit founded by his mother to provide before and afterschool care for preK-5th grade children in the greater Seattle area.



Senior Commercial Account Manager – Team Lead

Conscientious.  Focused.  Humorous.

Paula likes trips back to England to visit family and friends and of course, she has English Labs!  She enjoys walking and hiking and has been called a sassy lassie.



Accounting Manager

Easygoing.  Supportive.  Kind.

Jennifer likes watching movies, going to concerts, and spending time with her grandkids.  She loves visiting other countries (England was a favorite!) to see landmarks that you only see in pictures.



Commercial Account Manager

Creative.  Adventurous.  Resourceful.

Krystal LOVES road trips, writing and binge-watching Netflix.  Her family calls her a tree-hugger.  Her first job was working for her mom’s quilt company selling quilts at bazaars and helping teach quilting classes.  She has a feline friend named George, who is ancient and orange and likes to get vocal about tuna.



Commercial Account Associate

Kind.  Focused.  Dedicated.

Michelle enjoys reading, photography and watching films but spends most of her time playing with her two young sons. She volunteers at the local food bank organizing and distributing staples to families in need.  Her favorite trip was her honeymoon, a cruise through the Caribbean that also included a trip to Universal Studios and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  She was awed at how realistic everything was!



Commercial Account Manager

Fun Mom. Scheduler. On-time.

Nora is a dog-mom to Peanut, loves spending time with family, scrapbooking, and vacationing in Leavenworth. Her first job was as an insurance policy typist, and she brings 40+ years of industry know-how to conversations with clients.



Personal Account Manager

Determined.  Passionate. Creative

Mercedes loves all things outdoors.  She’s a former barrel racer turned mom who loves to fix up her farmhouse.  Spending time with her daughter is most important.  Mercedes’ border Collie deserves his own bio.  He puts up with anything.  You should see him in a princess dress.




Control.  Protect.  Motivated.

His hobbies include camping, woodworking, and being outnumbered 4-1 women to man at home.  He has two dogs that his daughters wanted.  He is a facilitator of Real men’s Curriculum at the Christian Men’s Network.



Personal Account Executive

Hard-working.  Dependable.  Funny.

Linda is an avid runner, especially now with her new hip!  She enjoys home projects, loves to paint and decorate.  Family time is most important to her. She supports New Phoebe House which provides housing, services, treatment, and support to Pierce County mothers and their children impacted by chemical dependency.



Commercial Account Manager – Team Lead

Thoughtful. Compassionate. Intuitive.

Carmen is deeply involved with Peace Community Center on Hilltop, which offers support services for homelessness and affordable housing. Art is her jam – graphic art, watercolors, and murals. Her first job was as a dishwasher at the Franke Tobey Jones Home. She admits to being irrationally afraid of elderly folks and that she had no idea who the residents were. She worked there for over two years. Not only did she overcome her fear, now she LOVES senior citizens.



Commercial Account Manager

Curious.   Adventurous.   Calm.

Aaron’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident at an early age. Delivering newspapers, mowing lawns, and shoveling sidewalks were among the few side hustles he did as a kid. Nowadays, traveling the world has become one of his greatest passions and counts Ireland and Switzerland as his top favorites. He has a tattoo of the Swiss Alps to prove it! Closer to home, he enjoys mountain climbing, backpacking, and pursuing his love for wine making.



Administrative Coordinator

Funny.   Spirited.   Altruistic.

Morgan’s first job was during her high school years as a cashier at Frugal’s (and spent all her money on shoes). While residing in Houston, Texas, her fondest vacation memories were  always the ones that brought her back to Washington with her family. Beyond work, Morgan cherishes the tranquility of home, the company of her two cats,  and delighting in culinary explorations through new recipes.



Personal Account Manager – Team Lead

Reliable.  Loyal.  Friendly.  

Kimberly enjoys hiking, camping and spending time with family.  She volunteers at Children’s Church and past youth ministries, Students with a Testimony.  Her first job was as a dental assistant.  She counts two Lynx Point cats named Jaxson and Jun as well as a dog named Nala as part of the family.



Commercial Account Manager

Friendly. Kind. Dependable.

Christine loves spending time with the grandkids, watching football, and binge watching her
favorite shows. Her first job was at United Pacific Insurance/Reliance doing policy assembly.

She became an expert in tri-folding paper and stuffing envelopes for mail. It was before
computers or email. That was the start of her insurance career.



Senior Commercial Account Manager

Determined.  Adventurous.  Passionate.  

Genia is an ultra-runner (50M, 100k, & 100M).  She likes tough trails and the longer the better.  She has so many pets, she calls it a zoo that always includes at least one French Bull Dog. One of her favorite vacations was Kauai where she ran the Napali Coast and slept on the beach.



Executive Benefits

Kind.  Focused.  Driven

While friends and family call John Chief cleaner and organizer, in his spare time, he really is the Crew Chief for the LIG Pro-Trans-Am Corvette racing team.  His favorite trip was to Cary, NC for the Men’s NCAA Soccer Challenge Cup to cheer on his son and teammates for the National Championship.



Commercial Account Associate

Loyal.  Dependable.  Hard-Working.

Starting at a local orchard, Erin discovered her love for connecting with people while working at the farmer’s market. Her favorite vacation to Savannah, Georgia, allowed her to indulge in history and culture. In her free time, you can find Erin running, immersed in a good book, or sharing her love for dogs. She’s a huge sports fan and devoted fan of Kentucky basketball and football.



Personal Account Manager – Team Lead

Loyal.  Friendly. Reliable.

Mandy is known as the one you can always count on.  She loves taking road trips and will visit the beach ANY time of year.  She has two dogs, two cats and chickens.  So far, her favorite vacation was a trip to San Diego to see her son graduate from boot camp to become a Marine.




Knowledgeable. Open-minded. Reliable. 

Jake’s first job was as a line cook at the iconic Oyster House in downtown Olympia, where he learned the importance of hard work and customer service. This experience sparked his passion for cooking and his love for various cuisines. What excites Jake most about the insurance industry is the opportunity to make an impact and collaborate with local business owners. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Olivia, and dogs, Kaia and Cash. Jake is passionate about sports and is an avid pickleball player. He supports local Special Olympics athletes by coaching and volunteering at events.



Commercial Account Executive – Team Lead

Caring.  Dedicated. A little crazy.

Cindy is a self-proclaimed sports fanatic. She loves boating, fishing and spending time with family.  Her friends and family call her Spreadsheet Queen.  Her favorite vacation spot is Lake Chelan.  She supports United Way of Pierce County.



Benefits Account Associate

Honest. Caring. Consistent.

Nick is our dedicated Benefits Account Associate and understands the value of hard work and attention to detail. Nick’s favorite vacation was a serene houseboat trip on Lake Roosevelt in Eastern Washington. Outside of work, he enjoys golfing and is also a mentor and resource for high school and middle school-aged students.



Personal Account Manager

Happy.  Healthy.  Blessed.

Cathy is an exercise enthusiast who loves running, circuit training, pilates, and hiking, as well as cooking.  She is everyone’s favorite Auntie in her family.  She is an animal lover with wonderful dog named Lucy and two cats Boy-O and Missy.



Personal Account Manager

Happy.  Loyal.  Helpful.

Laurie enjoys spending time with family on their 7 acres on the North River, gardening, and canning.

Cats, Sassy & Danner keep her company as well as grand dogs, Hank, Luka & Archie.  Her favorite vacation was a road trip with her husband to visit Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Devil’s Tower, and Deadwood with a stop at Yellowstone on the way home.



Life Benefits Manager

Caring.  Responsible.  Articulate.

Phil brings over 40 years of industry experience to the conversation.  He is a better than average dancer and cook (his beautiful wife will open a cookbook and say, “make me this”). His first job was when he was in the fifth grade, mowing and edging for 50 cents a lawn.



Commercial Account Associate

Reliable. Organized. Driven

Jessica loves to indulge in calligraphy when she is not spending time with her husband and two young children. Her first job was at Hot Dog on a Stick where the uniform, especially the hat, left much to be desired. And despite her husband getting food poisoning, their honeymoon in London and Paris remains one of her favorite vacations.



Personal Account Manager

Optimistic.  Kind.  Reliable.

Angela’s career began as a bank teller at the age of 15 while attending high school full time. Juggling both roles, she became known for wearing business suits to school, often leading to amusing mix-ups with staff and students who mistook her for a teacher. In her downtime, Angela loves to golf, indulge in old movies or a good book, and takes on the role of the designated handyman around the house. Her favorite holiday memory is hiking the Adirondack Mountains during the summer.



Personal Account Manager  Operations Analyst & Technical Trainer 

Inquisitive.  Determined.  Learning.

Whitney volunteers with the Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital Festival of Trees every year as a mini-tree designer.  She is passionate about providing support and resources to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  In her first job, as a cook, another person on staff named Whitney Thompson got her paycheck.  Yes, really two people with that name at one company.



Benefits Account Executive

Loyal.  Enthusiastic. Ethical.

Heather’s first job was at The Fountain Drive In, a local icon in Arlington, WA, during her high school years. The restaurant’s claim to fame was the legendary “Boettcher Burger,” a huge “betcha can’t eat it” hamburger. Heather enjoys coaching cheerleading and attending horse shows. Her favorite vacation was a Caribbean Cruise, where she and her first husband were selected to participate in the ship’s Newlywed game.



Personal Account Executive

Dedicated. Determined. Sarcastic.

Craig’s first job was at a Boston pizza restaurant where he earned minimum wage of $3.65 an hour. He loves Maui and his current interests include cycling and adventures with his dog. He supports Cancer Awareness and the Alzheimer’s Association.